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Kain Adat Rejang Lebong Agustus 15, 2010

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Kain Adat Rejang Lebong

Rejang Lebong Ceremonial Cloth

We just found a fine example of rare and very old type to add to our already significant collection of textiles from a little known interior area of Pasemah Regency in Sumatra. Textiles of this type are extremely rare, and seem to have begun coming out of the field in some numbers only in the past seven years or so. They have been variously described by travelers, dealers and institutions as “Kalianda” cloth, “Rejang Lebong” cloth, and “Temaland Ulu”. They are certainly not from Kalianda; can be linked to the Rejang Lebong people; and as for “Temaland Ulu,” the term is hard to verify. There is no place recorded in Indonesian sources called “Temaland” in Sumatra. The word “ulu” simply means riverhead, or up-river area. Who can to add verifiable information to this long-discussed matter?


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